Imperium: Galactic War to shut down

By Tam Mageean
imperium shutting down

More sad news in the MMO world, as another game closes its shutters. Kabam have announced lay-offs in its Austin studio, ultimately leading to Imperium:Galactic Wars' closure.

The browser MMO is less than a year old and told the story of 3 rivaling, intergalactic factions, struggling for supremacy in a post-apocalyptic universe. Launching in April, the game received mixed reviews, mostly due to it walking the line between a very good browser game, and a sub-par non-browser game, many hoping for it to make the jump and evolve into a fuller game. The browser gamers were elated though and flocked to Imperium: Galactic Wars, appreciating the solid combat system, which hinged more on battle tactics, than building bases and infrastructure, making it far more dynamic than its peers.

Imperium Galactic War

Kabam, have stated that the lay-offs come as they realign their business to focus on mobile game development, which holds a more prospective portion of their business.

The game is still up and running, and is still receiving support at present, and no official date has been posted as to when the game will cease operation. Other online games produced by Kabam include Wartune, Kingdoms of Camelot and Dragons of Atlantis; all of which have a large internet presence, and will hopefully not be the next in the firing line, as Kabam changes its model.


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