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  • Imperium Galactic War: Factions

    Imperium Galactic War: Factions
    Players are allowed to choose from three warring factions....
    Imperium Galactic War: Factions

    Imperium Galactic War: Races

    Imperium Galactic War: Races
    Each faction has three different races to choose from....
    Imperium Galactic War: Races

    Imperium Galactic War: Map

    Imperium Galactic War: Map
    The main map positions allied bases in close proximity to each other-- creating a network of defensive structures....
    Imperium Galactic War: Map

    Imperium Galactic War: Battle

    Imperium Galactic War: Battle
    Player battles take place in real time....
    Imperium Galactic War: Battle

Imperium Galactic War Gameplay

Imperium Galactic War Gameplay

Imperium: Galactic War is sci fi strategy browser MMO developed and published by Kabam. It tells the story of a 3 faction war against the Imperium. Each faction has different interests. Players must choose one of the 3 Imperium: Galactic War factions. Strategy and gameplay depends on the selected faction. Imperium: Galactic War has real time combat. Each battle is unique and has different challenges. Imperium: Galactic War opponents need to improvise combat strategies on the spot. To be able to defeat other players you will need a powerful fleet. There are many options that allow players to build a personalized army and define unique play styles. Imperium: Galactic War players also need to build, maintain and expand a home base.

There are 3 Imperium: Galactic War playable factions. The InterGalactic Alliance (IGA) was formed by Terran, Oberan and Thanerian races. They are committed to reinstall peace and defend the helpless. The Sovereignty is a profit oriented organization. Malus, Veil and So’toth races are part of the Sovereignty. The Tyrannar Empire is the third Imperium: Galactic War faction. This is a military alliance and, just like the other Imperium: Galactic War factions, it has 3 races. Ares Magna (the Hand) are the rulers, Regulans (the Sword) are the offensive force and Lacerta (the Shield) are in charge of the defense. After selecting a faction, players must choose one of the 3 races. Several male and female character models are available. After completing the Imperium: Galactic War tutorial players have to start developing the starbase and to build armies. The most important Imperium: Galactic War building is the command center. As you level up, more buildings, upgrades and research options become available. The Shipyard is the place where players build their ships. Each Imperium: Galactic War MMORTS ship has 2 slots: weapons and defense. There are also different types of ships. Players can build customized ships.

When Imperium: Galactic War players engage in combat, the goal is to take down all enemy ships. Units will automatically start attacking enemy units. You also have the option to manually select and attack enemy ships. Players can dodge incoming attacks by moving their ships. The winner gets XP and resources. Imperium: Galactic War has a huge map. The Fleet button is quite useful when you forget where your fleet is. Imperium: Galactic War is one of the free MMO games that allow players to form alliances and fight together. If you don’t know where to find an alliance check out Imperium: Galactic War official forums. There is a special topic for recruiting. Other valuable info like announcements, tips and tricks or general discussions can be found on Imperium: Galactic War forums.

By Rachel Rosen


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