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  • Imperia Online: 2 options

    Imperia Online: 2 options
    Choose to fight for the Imperians or Nomads. ...
    Imperia Online: 2 options

    Imperia Online: build

    Imperia Online: build
    Build new buildings on empty spaces. These buildings may offer you new resources, research, or other options....
    Imperia Online: build

    Imperia Online: mine

    Imperia Online: mine
    Set idle workers to complete tasks like gathering resources....
    Imperia Online: mine

    Imperia Online: research

    Imperia Online: research
    Research new technologies to upgrade your empire....
    Imperia Online: research

Imperia Online is a medieval browser MMO developed and published by Imperia Online. The gameplay is mainly about developing a city and fighting other players. Imperia Online players can choose one of the 2 available factions: Imperians or Nomads. Imperians are oriented towards economic development. Nomads are a war driven faction. Each faction has advantages and disadvantages to keep a balanced gameplay. In the end, faction choice is not a major decision. It just depends on a player's personal preferences. A tutorial guides new players through Imperia Online basic operations. The mechanics are not difficult. The tutorial also explains resource importance and gets players familiarized with the user interface.

When logging in Imperia Online for the first time, players will have an overview of their starting city. The town hall is the only built structure. You will have to take care of the rest. There are 2 panels, economic and military, that list all the buildings. In order to build, you need to meet the necessary resource and level requirements. Wood, iron, stone and gold are Imperia Online resources. Various amounts are spent when a new structure is raised or when an existing one is upgraded. Lumber mill, stone quarry and iron mine increase resource production. If you want your Imperia Online city to support more citizens, houses must be built. Temples keep citizens happy and gods pleased. Another way to increase good mood is to hold festivals. For that purpose, a town square is needed. Sooner or later, you will need to transport resources from one province to another. A depot station allows a bigger cargo. The market is the place for trading with other Imperia Online MMO players. University and science academy accelerate researches. Infantry, cavalry barracks and shooting range allow more troops to be trained. The fortress has multiple functions: increases happiness and resource income and provides defense in case of enemy attacks.

Colonies are additional Imperia Online cities that can be founded on free map spots. Players can join forces and create Imperia Online alliances. Powerful alliances provide all sorts of advantages for their members. Alliances can go to war against each other, sign peace or non aggression treaties. There's not much excitement or action in building structures so the final Imperia Online goal is to battle other players. Imperia Online can get pretty slow paced after a while. That's why there are 4 types of Imperia Online servers. Besides normal servers there are special servers where the normal Imperia Online speed is multiplied by 2, 4 or 10. Imperia Online is a free to play MMO with optional premium features.

By Rachel Rosen

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