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  • Immortal King: hero

    Immortal King: hero
    There are 6 heroes to choose from to lead your first army in Immortal King....
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    Immortal King: gear
    Don't forget to buy, upgrade, and equip new weapons and armor as you play....
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    Immortal King: city

    Immortal King: city
    Your city will help your army in many ways: You can train heroes more quickly, buy new gear, collect more taxes, upgrade gear, and...
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    Immortal King: fight

    Immortal King: fight
    Leveling up your heroes and equippping new items is the only way to control the outcome of these battles. But it does make a huge ...
    Immortal King: fight

Immortal King is a fantasy based real-time strategy (MMORTS) game full of innovative and exciting features. Immortal King is available as a free no download MMORPG. It is only a matter of minutes to sign up and get into the action.

Taking a new direction for MMORTS games, Immortal King offers players the choice of playing as one of several fantasy characters from history. There are a total of 8 heroes to choose from at the start, Augustus, Attila, Beowulf, Kratos, Cleopatra VII, Joan of Arc, Robin Hood and Theodura. This makes a nice change to other MMO RTS games that usually just assign you an avatar, instead of an actual character. Much like today's MMORPG games, the heroes in Immortal King progress as they earn experience points. As they progress further they unlock stronger skills and abilities and also increase their base stats. Each hero also has a unique main ability, for example, Robin Hood has Execute and Beowulf has Demoralizing Shout, making hero selection a vital choice at the beginning of the game.

As well as the heroes players get to choose at the start, there are 129 other heroes available as you progress through the game, creating a huge amount of customization options. You're not just restricted to one hero either, a player can have up to 10 different heroes in their army. As well as the heroes themselves players can also use up to 72 different units to create their army, from basic foot soldiers to cavalry and siege weaponry. Once you've gathered your god slaying army, you can choose from up to 7 different formations to use, each with different strengths and weaknesses against certain unit types.

Lastly, Immortal King features a massive instanced-based dungeon system. There are currently 16 available instances in the game, each one containing up to 100 different bosses to defeat. Each dungeon has the potential to give out massive rewards, from items and gear to experience points and gold. Players must complete the instances in a tiered fashion, meaning to access dungeon 2, you must first complete dungeon 1.

Immortal King features one of the best hero systems available in an MMORTS game, combined with the huge amount of unit selection, in-depth formations, and unique instance system.

By Rachel Rosen

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