First Illyriad expansion “The Broken Lands” doubles the world map

By Michael Jamias
illyriad the broken lands expansion

Think of it as a very generous third anniversary present for fans of the strategy-heavy no download mmorpg.

Details about Illyriad’s first-ever expansion called The Broken Lands emerged in time for its third anniversary celebration.

“This addition will double the size of the world map, giving players new and old more available land to expand their empire,” said Illyriad developer Illyriad Games.

The Broken Lands expansion also makes it easier than ever for new players to establish their empire without the threat of invasion with the introduction of PvP-protected zones. Illyriad player cities cannot be attacked while residing in these no-conflict zones.

“Adding a portion of the Broken Lands map as a PVP-protected zone is an important step for the evolution of the game that allows players more power to truly choose how they want to interact with the world and others around them,” said Illyriad Games.

Other improvements coming with the free mmo expansion include new and interactive NPC factions, new quests including a 6-month story arc, and a fully scrollable and scalable full screen 3D map using HTML5 and WebGL.

“The use of the full screen WebGL browser technology enables players to experience the whole world; conveying its profound sense of scale while allowing a new fidelity in interactivity,” said Illyriad Games.


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