Illyriad hosts month-long Dark Harvest tournament

By Michael Jamias
illyriad dark harvest tournament

Illyriad opens the month-long competition for control of 37 land squares with prestige, statues, gold medals and tournament sword rewards for the victors.

Each week for the rest of October, Illyriad players will bind together with their Alliances to vie for land squares in order to capture and harvest the souls of the dead. Story-wise, the tournament ties in with the druidic Kildarran tradition of honoring their fallen comrades – but for whatever reason will be revealed only in-game.

The Dark Harvest tournament represents the sixth mmo-wide competition in the strategy browser mmo, and will represent another flood of brutal combat as Alliances seek to collect the most souls at the end of each week and the whole month.

“The 10 ‘bloodiest’ squares, those that have seen the most combat, will be granted a bonus that provides more souls to harvest at that location,” said developer Illyriad Games. “Subsequently, the most hotly contested squares will also become the most valuable to hold as the tournament progresses. The Alliances that gather the most souls per region as well as overall will win valuable in-game prizes.”

Rewards include hundreds of dollars worth of Prestige, the in-game currency for the browser game; new military units called Skyclad Warriors; a one-of-a-kind tournament sword for use with troops and commanders; an Alliance tournament statue to be placed permanently on the MMO game world map; and custom-designed, unique medals to be displayed on the player profiles of winning Alliance members.


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