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Illyriad releases The Broken Lands update
A whole slew of new content is entering the browser mmo Illyriad. Players will have a new zone to expand into as their kingdom rises in power as The Broken Lands update is released today. The update adds a plethora of new items for the game, including a zone, quest hubs, resources, factions, NPCs, and terrain styles. What really is interesting about the Illyriad The Broken Lands update is the care and thought in crafting the backstory and l...
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Jun 16 2014
illyriad the broken lands expansion
Think of it as a very generous third anniversary present for fans of the strategy-heavy no download mmorpg. Details about Illyriad’s first-ever expansion called The Broken Lands emerged in time for its third anniversary celebration. “This addition will double the size of the world map, giving players new and old more available land to expand their empire,” said Illyriad developer Illyriad Games. The Broken Lands expansion also makes it easier ...
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Feb 04 2013
illyriad dark harvest tournament
Illyriad opens the month-long competition for control of 37 land squares with prestige, statues, gold medals and tournament sword rewards for the victors. Each week for the rest of October, Illyriad players will bind together with their Alliances to vie for land squares in order to capture and harvest the souls of the dead. Story-wise, the tournament ties in with the druidic Kildarran tradition of honoring their fallen comrades – but for whateve...
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Oct 03 2012