Holy War braces for massive city battles by year-end

By Michael Jamias
holy war city battles

Fancy controlling a medieval city? Hang around Holy War and you might just get one before 2013 is through.

From the way GameArt Studio describes the upcoming faction conflict feature, orders will be able to contest cities on the map. Controlling a city will grant unique bonuses to each member in the order.

City battles will become so intrinsic to Holy War that developers are planning to include the choice of conquering the map as one of the three confessions available during the start of the game.

But developers haven't ironed out the maximum number of cities an order can control or the kind of bonuses these cities will bestow on their rulers. Fans are asked to throw in their two cents to help developers finalize the feature for its year-end release.

Holy War's city battles should stir up fresh rivalries not seen in the no download mmorpg since the activation of cross-world orders back in April. In fact, GameArt Studio predicts this feature "will be the biggest addition of 2013" in terms of how much it will impact the power balance across the mmorpg. City battles promise to galvanize all the orders into action, either planning assaults, or organizing the defense of their existing cities in order to hold on to their powerful buffs.


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