Holy War News

holy war 5th international world
Holy War is ramping up its international servers with a fifth one added to the list.The addition of Holy War's 5th International World should give a brief assurance to fans that had been worried about the lack of major updates for the browser mmo. It was back in May when the developers rolled out a notable patch, which granted Pagans a permanent sphere of influence in Northern Europe. That long-ago patch also balanced the battles and plunder...
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Apr 14 2015
holy war city battles
Fancy controlling a medieval city? Hang around Holy War and you might just get one before 2013 is through. From the way GameArt Studio describes the upcoming faction conflict feature, orders will be able to contest cities on the map. Controlling a city will grant unique bonuses to each member in the order. City battles will become so intrinsic to Holy War that developers are planning to include the choice of conquering the map as one of the thr...
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Sep 15 2013