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  • Heroes and Generals: campaign

    Heroes and Generals: campaign
    Heroes and Generals is a free to play browser based game. Players can progress through a campaign that, currently, has 5 missions....
    Heroes and Generals: campaign

    Heroes and Generals: equipment

    Heroes and Generals: equipment
    Characters have several forms of progression. Players can gain experience for higher ranks and unlock better starting gear with in...
    Heroes and Generals: equipment

    Heroes and Generals: objectives

    Heroes and Generals: objectives
    Each mission has several objectives. Look for nearby items, hiding spots and enemies to complete every objective....
    Heroes and Generals: objectives

    Heroes and Generals: controls

    Heroes and Generals: controls
    Controls in this browser based game are similar to other FPS games. Even down to the fact that right click can zoom, something tha...
    Heroes and Generals: controls

Heroes and Generals Gameplay

Heroes and Generals Gameplay

Heroes and Generals is a military browser MMO developed by Reto-Moto and published by Square Enix. It is available for multiple platforms and it was also greenlit by the Steam community. Heroes and Generals events take place during World War 2. Team play is one of the most important features. That’s why Heroes and Generals creators call it a “mass participation game”. In order to succeed all team players must perform certain roles. You can be the soldier in the middle of the battleground action. Other players are required to be strategy officers. Generals are in charge of everything and must have an eye in all places. In the end, all Heroes and Generals players bring their contribution to the final victory. The 2 combatant forces (or factions) are Allies and Axis.

The main Heroes and Generals gameplay component are PvP matches. Before joining a match, players can build up a playable character by selecting one of the many available options. There are 7 Heroes and Generals character classes: rifleman, machinegunner, recon, paratrooper, antitank, tank crew and pilot. Each class has German and US character models. During a match they use weapons and all sorts of vehicles like tank, bikes and planes. Heroes and Generals weapons can be customized. Heroes and Generals has a persistent game world that supports thousands of gamers. Players form assault teams. These teams can be controlled by other players. The goal is to take down enemy teams and to capture bases. Generals are responsible for the overall strategy. They also have to be careful with resource usage. Heroes and Generals content can be enjoyed in single player mode as well. Players are not forced to team up to experience all Heroes and Generals missions and modes. Some missions are ground missions and some require air strikes. Other Heroes and Generals game modes require to gather certain items from the map, ambush supply vehicles, capture bases or destroy various objectives. Heroes and Generals campaign blends in fast action form first person games with strategic gameplay. Like all MMO games, the game is most rewarding when played in multiplayer. Heroes and Generals has a massive weekly event for all players.

Game creators designed Heroes and Generals for multiple platforms. There is an app for devices running mobile operating systems like Android and iOS that allows all Heroes and Generals players to interact. The app is called Heroes and Generals: Mobile Command. Heroes and Generals is a free to play MMO with microtransactions system. War bonds are Heroes and Generals premium currency. Those who wish to support and help Heroes and Generals can buy them in exchange for real cash.

By Rachel Rosen


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