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Headshot is a browser MMO shooter game developed and published by Infiplay. It's a simple but fun game with straightforward mechanics and easy gameplay that allows even inexperienced players to become familiar with it in a short time. Headshot has simple controls. Players move their characters with WASD, use 1 to 5 keys to switch weapons and shoot when clicking the mouse buttons. Players can also jump, crouch, reload their weapons and defuse bombs. Headshot players choose a character, a game mode, a map and jump into the action.

The game has a selection of 16 playable characters or heroes. Each Headshot character represents a different class and combat style. Different types of weapons can be used depending on which hero was selected. The weapons list contains machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, sub-machine guns and rifles. Players can use grenades and melee weapons as well. Headshot doesn't have as many cosmetic customization options as MMORPG games but players can change a hero's appearance by equipping different weapons. There are a few ways to obtain guns. Basic weapons are obtained as a prize from leveling. The check in system offers daily rewards. The armory feature is similar to a lottery. Players spend different type of resources for a chance to win unique items. Weapons can be rented or permanently unlock with premium currency. Four game modes are available. The most popular one is team deathmatch. Players are divided into two teams. The goal in this mode is to take down the enemy team. Headshot also has alternative deathmatch modes that restrict weapon usage and randomize maps. In bomb mode, one team represents the terrorists that must detonate a bomb and the other team, called SWAT, must prevent the opponents from reaching their goal. There are two locations at which the bomb can be placed and detonated. This mode can also be won by killing all the members of the opposing team. In mutants mode, some players will be transformed into mutants. The others must defeat the mutants and survive.

More than twenty maps offer players a chance to fight on different terrains and zones. Some maps can only be selected with a certain game mode. Headshot is one of the free browser games that are specially designed for competitive multiplayer. Players can take part in free battles and ranked matches. A friends list allows players to stay in touch with their Headshot buddies. Squads are the equivalent of clans. A squad can have between 50 and 500 members. Headshot is a great choice for first person shooter fans that want a simple free game with traditional gameplay.

By Rachel Rosen

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