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  • Gronenland: char

    Gronenland: char
    Gronenland has many mechanics of other RPGs. Your character can gain levels, aquire new gear, and improve in time....
    Gronenland: char

    Gronenland: quests

    Gronenland: quests
    Accept and complete quests to earn experience and money....
    Gronenland: quests

    Gronenland: work

    Gronenland: work
    There are other ways to earn your living in Gronenland. You can work to earn some extra coin....
    Gronenland: work

    Gronenland: arena

    Gronenland: arena
    Head to the arena to fight other players. It usually pays to be a bully and fight with people weaker than yourself....
    Gronenland: arena

Gronenland, developed by EnjoyGames GmbH and published by Looki, is a Viking themed free no download MMORPG. Gronenland gameplay is similar to other browser games like BiteFight or Gladiatus. The visual customization options are reduced to choosing a portrait for your Gronenland Viking. Male and female avatar models are available. Gronenland characters have 2 sets of attributes: primary and secondary. Each secondary stat is determined by a primary one. Strength influences dealt damage. Skill stat boosts attack value. Physique gives life energy. This stat is similar to HP. Intelligence is important for dodging attacks and casting spells. Points can be invested to increase stats. If you are not happy with your current Gronenland character built, stat points can be reset. Equipment can be worn to increase stats and to boost combat abilities.

Skills are Gronenland characteristics that will determine a character's proficiency with weapons and armor. You can specialize in using axes, swords and shields. Training skills costs gold thalers (Gronenland money) and takes time. Gronenland skills have a tree structure. To be able to learn advanced skills, certain level requirements must be met. Helmets, shoes and gloves are Gronenland armor types. At early levels, players can equip only cloth armor. As characters advance better armor classes are unlocked. The best Gronenland armor is magical armor. Accessories like rings, amulets and backpacks can be equipped as well. Gronenland browser MMO activities also have related skills. Fighting skills will increase the number of daily fights. Even Vikings have to earn money and working is a good source of income. Training your work skills will allow you to earn more money.

Life as a Gronenland Viking requires traveling from village to village. To be able to enter a village, Gronenland characters must have a certain level. A village has several points of interest. The tavern is the place where you can get new quests. Completing quests will reward you with XP needed to gain new levels. Gronenland quests have a bit of story behind them. The dealer is your weapons and armor supplier. Not all village dealers have the same merchandise. You can also get rid of unwanted items at the dealer. The druid sells potions. Gold can be safely stored in the depot. The arena is the place for PvP fights with other Gronenland players. Combat takes place automatically. The player with higher stats wins. When in a village, players can take all sorts of jobs to earn money. While working, a Gronenland character cannot perform any other action. Gronenland free MMORPG supports guilds. There are several reasons to join a guild. One of them is to take part in PvP guild battles. Like all free to play games, Gronenland has a cash shop.

By Rachel Rosen

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