Grepolis developer puts a bigger premium on fan input

By Michael Jamias
grepolis united fan feedback

InnoGames has launched a new Grepolis community campaign that will give fan feedback more weight than ever on game development.

The new initiative called Grepolis United will allow vocal fans of the strategy browser mmo to provide feedback on the existing and future game features. InnoGames said that one of the first critical areas where fan input will have an impact is in the planned rebalancing of the units.

InnoGames also promised noticeably increased development transparency that will allow fans to keep track of where the game is heading, and voice out their concerns and suggestions before the final updates are rolled out. A Grepolis dev blog will also be published that will list down the status of activities slated for rolling out into the live servers. The mmorpg will be having its own podcast as well as a roadmap update that discusses the point-of-view of the developers.

By opening up multiple avenues for players to become directly involved in Grepolis, InnoGames seems to be banking on the idea that a more involved community will translate to a more loyal fanbase. With a total of 19 million registered users across 22 languages, the challenge though is whether the development team can listen to all the disparate opinions and implementing suggestions without disappointing the majority of fans.


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