Grepolis toolbox app released for the iOS

By Michael Jamias
grepolis toolbox app ios

The free Grepolis toolbox app, which allows for basic commands and sends out vital notifications, can now be used on all iPhone versions.

The toolbox app is a mobile must for players of the mmorts as it provides access to essential game functions, as well as delivers push notifications straight to the mobile phone such as when enemies attack. Now iPhone owners will be able to react to attacks even when in transit.

The Grepolis toolbox app was initially released for Android in July, ending the half-year wait for iPhone-toting fans.

German developer InnoGames plans in the future to create a more fully functional Grepolis app which will allow players to perform any action that is possible in the browser mmo, compared to the limited actions available in the current iPhone and Android versions.

With over 18 million registered users and is playable in 22 languages, Grepolis is known for its complex tasks of building a metropolis from the ground up, and training a military force that can be led to battle and conquer other islands. Players currently still have to log into the game proper in order to execute the majority of essential tasks needed to run one’s empire, with the toolbox app functioning as a basic command and notification system.


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