Grepolis free mobile app released on iPhone

By Michael Jamias
grepolis mobile app iphone release

iPhone gamers thirsting for a strategy romp can now go to the Apple App Store to download the Grepolis free mobile app.

This marks the first time that iOS users can access Grepolis on-the-go without sacrificing key features, since the app will offer all the main features of the browser mmo version.

Direct play and access to the game’s advanced functions, such as alliance forums, daily bonuses and the advisors are also available, assured developer InnoGames.

The Grepolis iOS app has also been made convenient with optimization tweaks to its interface. Mobile mmo gamers can take advantage of touchscreen gesturing for simpler navigation and metropolis management.

This newly launched Grepolis iOS app is customized with iPhones in mind, not iPad. A specific iPad-optimized version is in the works, but fans who do not mind playing an enlarged Grepolis on the bigger screen of the iPad can use the app for the meantime.

What about Android fans? The Grepolis Android app version should make landfall "within the next few weeks," the developer promised.

Germany-based InnoGames is focused on pumping out mobile versions for its hit browser games--not only Grepolis but also Forge of Empires and other pipeline projects--as the developer strives to evolve into a cross-platform gaming company.


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