Preview video shows off Grepolis mobile app for iOS and Android

By Michael Jamias
grepolis mobile app ios android video

InnoGames gives us a taste of what it will be like building a grand Grepolis empire on iOS and Android devices.

In this Grepolis app preview video, we see how well the metropolis-building browser mmo has been optimized for the touchscreen.

The app, which is due for release in the coming weeks, uses multi-touch gestures for easier map navigation and seamless zooming. It also sports a streamlined new interface that should make it a breeze for players to micromanage their island cities and armies.

The upcoming Grepolis app for iOS and Android is different from the Grepolis Toolbox. While the latter is a light version with essential features only, the Grepolis app will have the full functionality of the PC version but with adapted usability and design for mobile gamers.

InnoGames said that the mobile push for Grepolis is part of its move towards becoming a cross-platform games developer. Grepolis follows the footsteps of Tribal Wars, another browser mmo, which was earlier released for both iOS and Android, and now boasts of around 200,000 users.

InnoGames plans to develop mobile apps as well for its Forge of Empires title, and will look to release some of its future projects as cross-platform franchises from the get-go.


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