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grepolis battle of troy
Fight your way through the new Grepolis Battle of Troy campaign map inspired by the Trojan War. Grepolis lets you relive the legendary decade-long conflict by putting you through a gauntlet of challenges.The Battle of Troy campaign map is filled with multiple fighting stages and every player wishing to complete the event must defeat all stages on their way to Troy. Don't take these stages lightly -- developers warn that enemy counts will in...
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Feb 16 2015
grepolis cauldron of treats halloween
Unleash you inner alchemist in this year's Grepolis Halloween event, A Cauldron of Treats. The event has already begun and centers on the alchemist and philosopher Democritus who will brew special rewards until November 10. Get a peek at the rewards in the Grepolis A Cauldron of Treats video:For the next couple of weeks, the strategy mmorpg should get caught up in a crafting craze. That's what happens when players can gather and combine...
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Oct 27 2014
grepolis thracian conquest
Are you a good enough Grepolis strategist to free the oppressed citizens of Thrace? Find out in the Grepolis Thracian Conquest, an event which will run for the next four weeks. With the fate of innocent people hanging in the balance, you will need to rout the insurgents and free the terrorized Thracian masses.This latest event for the popular no download mmorpg is pretty complex. You can choose from over 60 battlegrounds, hire unique mer...
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Aug 27 2014
grepolis mobile app iphone release
iPhone gamers thirsting for a strategy romp can now go to the Apple App Store to download the Grepolis free mobile app. This marks the first time that iOS users can access Grepolis on-the-go without sacrificing key features, since the app will offer all the main features of the browser mmo version. Direct play and access to the game’s advanced functions, such as alliance forums, daily bonuses and the advisors are also available, assured develop...
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Sep 04 2013
grepolis mobile app ios android video
InnoGames gives us a taste of what it will be like building a grand Grepolis empire on iOS and Android devices. In this Grepolis app preview video, we see how well the metropolis-building browser mmo has been optimized for the touchscreen.The app, which is due for release in the coming weeks, uses multi-touch gestures for easier map navigation and seamless zooming. It also sports a streamlined new interface that should make it a breeze for p...
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Aug 01 2013
grepolis united fan feedback
InnoGames has launched a new Grepolis community campaign that will give fan feedback more weight than ever on game development. The new initiative called Grepolis United will allow vocal fans of the strategy browser mmo to provide feedback on the existing and future game features. InnoGames said that one of the first critical areas where fan input will have an impact is in the planned rebalancing of the units. InnoGames also promised noticeably...
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Mar 11 2013
grepolis toolbox app ios
The free Grepolis toolbox app, which allows for basic commands and sends out vital notifications, can now be used on all iPhone versions. The toolbox app is a mobile must for players of the mmorts as it provides access to essential game functions, as well as delivers push notifications straight to the mobile phone such as when enemies attack. Now iPhone owners will be able to react to attacks even when in transit. The Grepolis toolbox app was i...
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Jan 18 2013