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  • Grepolis: City Manage

    Grepolis: City Manage
    The tutorial explains some of the basic game mechanics. Here we're learning about the City Manager which is used to build or demol...
    Grepolis: City Manage

    Grepolis: Warehouse

    Grepolis: Warehouse
    On this screen you can track your resources in the top right corner. It also shows your building progression. For example, your c...
    Grepolis: Warehouse

    Grepolis: Not quite turn based

    Grepolis: Not quite turn based
    Grepolis may look at feel like a Civilization copycat. But it is actually more of a real time strategy game. We have queued up two...
    Grepolis: Not quite turn based

    Grepolis: Attack

    Grepolis: Attack
    Your swordsmen attack a neighboring farming village to increase your farming abilities....
    Grepolis: Attack

Grepolis is the 3rd title of the browser games RTS released by German developers, InnoGames. The game is based during the mythical era of Ancient Greece, a land filled with mystical creatures and scorned gods. Grepolis supports many languages including Spanish, Portuguese and English. It's free to play and is compatible with the majority of today's popular internet browsers.

Unique to the resource management and base building RTS games, Grepolis features combat on both land and sea. Players are able to train up many variations of land based troops such as Pikeman, Cavalry and regular infantry, but they can also attempt to dominate the oceans by constructing vicious warships and transportation boats.

Another area where Grepolis shines is the multi-city management. Players are able to expand and have more than one city, and as each city faces certain restrictions. The players that are smart enough to manage multiple cities will be given a huge advantage. Research is one of the areas where players will benefit from multiple cities. A single city can accumulate 172 research points, these points can be spent to research improvements to increase the training speed of certain troops, or speed up construction of naval units. This has made many players create separate cities in order to train specific units at a faster rate.
Another bonus players get for investing in an extra city is the mythical units. A city in Grepolis can build a temple and pray to one god, Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, or Athena. Each god allows players to train 2 units from ancient Greek mythology, so having multiple cities means players can create all of them.

Players can also choose to purchase gold for cash. Using gold can halve the time for a building to finish, and it can also be used to hire NPC's that offer unique buffs for your city, such as an increase in hourly resources, or more units per trainer.

By Rachel Rosen


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