Grand Voyage reveals closed beta cash shop bonuses

By Michael Jamias
grand voyage closed beta bonuses

If you're contemplating a ride on the Grand Voyage closed beta and spending on the cash shop, then these starter treats might convince you to plunk down more dollars.

Players who join Grand Voyage during its closed beta launch, which should be coming any day now stateside, and top up their accounts will earn a Super Giftbag packed with all sorts of in-game goodies.

Time is of the essence though when it comes to these cash shop bonuses. During the first three days of creating your character, you can earn additional rewards based on the gold top-ups you accrue.

Here are the Grand Voyage top-up reward levels:

2000g - 1 item
5000g - 1 item, 1 blue upgrade
10000g - 1 item, 1 blue upgrade, 1 purple upgrade
30000g - 1 item, 1 blue upgrade, 1 purple upgrade, 1 orange upgrade

You also get loot-filled purple chests for spending that gold you just purchased.

If you're on budget mode and can't spend moolah on browser games, there are other ways for you to snatch rewards during the closed beta.

You can brute force your way to free cards, equipment boxes and treasures by ranking as a top three player in any of the server competition modes -- Level, C.P., Silver, Ship, Captain or Battle -- two days after the closed beta opens.

You can also create a guild to get free 5,000 silver for funding your fledgling MMORPG trading empire.


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