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  • Grand Prix Racing Online: driver

    Grand Prix Racing Online: driver
    When starting a new game, focus more on your driver and less on your car. Save money early on. Train your driver and keep your car...
    Grand Prix Racing Online: driver

    Grand Prix Racing Online: test

    Grand Prix Racing Online: test
    The first thing you need to do in GPRO is to qualify for races. Start by studying the track....
    Grand Prix Racing Online: test

    Grand Prix Racing Online: what

    Grand Prix Racing Online: what
    What do these numbers mean? The '?' icon gives a description of each. Wings give the driver more control but reduce his maximum sp...
    Grand Prix Racing Online: what

    Grand Prix Racing Online: tune

    Grand Prix Racing Online: tune
    Fine tune your strategy by taking practice laps. Your driver will give you feedback after the lap....
    Grand Prix Racing Online: tune

Experience the thrill of Formula 1 racing with Grand Prix Racing Online, a browser game where you get to play as a manager of the top F1 teams. This motor sport management game from GPRO Ltd fulfills your fantasy of hiring the best drivers, building the fastest racing cars, and formulating the most effective race track strategies to earn that first place finish. You are allowed some practice time to test out the most optimal diver-car combinations in a given track. Then, it’s off to the qualifying races. Pass through the two qualifier gauntlets to secure a prime position at the live races every Tuesday and Friday. Don’t worry if you don’t win at the podium, though. A bit more prep work could push you ahead in the next race.

In Grand Prix Racing Online, preparations outside the track are just as important as your clutch decisions on race day. Pore through detailed driver information to spot a rising star, and recruit him to your team. You can also assemble the most efficient pit crew to shave off precious seconds from those tyre changes. Then shop for racing car upgrades and scout new facilities to gain that extra bit of edge. Of course all this you have to do within the constraints of a budget, just like a real Formula 1 manager. After the live races, you will be given a full analysis of how your driver and team performed. This will help you fine-tune your strategies for the next leg of the season. There is even a last race replay option if you happened to miss the live event due to real-life commitments.

Gain enough experience in Grand Prix Online to earn a promotion to Amateur class manager. This unlocks the option to create your very own racing team! Poach the best managers, drivers and pit stop crew members from other racing outfits, and compete in the big leagues. Woo those all-important sponsors to expand your financial budget. You can even design a special livery for your spanking new team, or choose one from a pre-made roster. Grand Prix Online rewards real world goods for its top team such as game caps and shirts, while top ten finishers receive supporter credits to be spent in one season. Grand Prix Racing Online offers a realistic experience of F1 team management, and players who aren’t afraid to get knee-deep in financial numbers and stat sheets will find pleasure piloting their F1 team to a World Championship.

By Rachel Rosen

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