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  • Goodgame Mafia: class

    Goodgame Mafia: class
    Pick the class that best fits your playstyle. Bullies focus on brute strength....
    Goodgame Mafia: class

    Goodgame Mafia: mission

    Goodgame Mafia: mission
    Work on missions to earn money and other rewards....
    Goodgame Mafia: mission

    Goodgame Mafia: shootout

    Goodgame Mafia: shootout
    Shootouts are turn based fights that are not under your control....
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    Goodgame Mafia: character

    Goodgame Mafia: character
    Get ready for inventory management. Items have to fit in a limited space....
    Goodgame Mafia: character

GoodGame Mafia is a free to play, browser-based MMO game developed by GoodGame Studios. Unlike other gangster styled games such as Mafia Wars, GoodGame Mafia doesn't revolve around constructing a base or building a city, instead you focus on the journey of 1 mobster, raising through the ranks with the hopes of reaching Godfather.

A large part of GoodGame Mafia revolves around building your reputation as a vicious mobster. The best way to earn the Godfather's trust is to complete missions and objectives for him and his crew. You can visit the Godfather by simply clicking to visit his bar, where he stays with a large number of other NPC characters. There's a huge variety of quests available including disposing of dead bodies, fighting off rival families, and even ensuring the right candidate wins the election for mayor. Each quest works in a similar fashion, they all require a certain amount of energy and a timer. Each quest requires the player to wait for up to 30 seconds, to simulate travel time, before their faced against an opponent in battle.

The combat system works in a unique way, displaying both your characters and your enemy's portrait, as well as currently equipped weapons and stats. Each player then takes it in turns to use their weapon to inflict damage. In order to win a battle you must reduce your opponents HP to 0.

There's a great selection of customization options available for your character. Firstly there's selecting your avatar, GoodGame Mafia uses a random system but there's so many choices that it's easy to find an avatar that suits you. After that you're able to collect a large variety of items for your character, ranging from weapons and shades to houses, cars and women. GoodGame Mafia is home to an array of other exciting features such as the Survival mode. This pits you against dozens of criminals from across the city in a fight until you die game mode, earning more cash and reputation the longer you can survive.

By Rachel Rosen

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