Goodgame Empire sets sail for The Storm Islands

By Michael Jamias
goodgame empire storm islands

Ready your ships, you'll need them to explore and conquer The Storm Islands, the newly opened kingdom in Goodgame Empire.

Available to MMO players level 35 up, the Goodgame Empire Storm Islands offers a wet and wild new frontier. You can own an island, send troops via ships, and battle other island kingdoms for supremacy in land and sea.

Goodgame Empire Storm Islands cargo ship

The Goodgame Empire Storm Islands update also introduces a new rare commodity that you and your alliance can earn called the Aquamarine. Use force to capture islands, and if you protect them long enough from your rivals, you can harvest valuable Aquamarine resources. But you'll need to act quickly because resource islands will disappear from the no download mmorpg after a few hours and appear in another location.

If your alliance prevails over the island conflicts, your leader can be crowned as The Storm Lord, and will be granted the power to give special titles to his buddies. These titles aren't just for show; they also provide buffs to increase recruitment speed and other perks.

"The Storm Islands are a fantastic kingdom for players, featuring a new reward system, an additional resource, more travel options, and the Storm Lord. We are adding to the excitement and fun of the game and offer lots of ways to design your own island," says Olliver Heins, Head of Games at Goodgame Studios.


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