Goodgame Empire hits 50 million players

By Michael Jamias
goodgame empire 50 million players

Goodgame Empire solidifies its status as one of the most popular mmo games in the world by hitting the 50 million player milestone.

Clearly elated with the achievement, Goodgame Studios has come out with a celebratory infographic that not only boasts about the 50 million players that have signed up for the browser game, but also the crazy amount of in-game activity generated by its players:

Infographic showing Goodgame Empire has reached 50 million players

Let's make sense of these numbers: We see that players in the browser mmo are micromanaging a total of 769 million castle dwellers in their keeps combined. Its economy also collects a whopping 942 million coils in taxes per hour based off the wealth generated by all players. That collected tax is enough coins to recruit 8.1 million two-handed swordsmen.

Goodgame Empire fans are also flexing their social and combat muscles, sending a total of 10.4 million in-game messages as well as fighting two million battles daily. The aggression nets players roughly 9 million resources and coins every day.

Overall, the infographic gives us a sense of what Goodgame Empire players really like to do: Accumulate wealth to help them expand and dominate; fortify and beautify their castles with swamp snappers and parks, respectively; and plan sneaky espionage and sabotage missions against their most hated enemies.


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