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Golden Age is the ground-breaking MMORTS title from Aeria Games. There's definitely no shortage of MMORTS games around at the moment, it seems like a new one is released every day, but Golden Age takes the genre to the next level, introducing a number of innovative features and expanding on the core mechanics of the strategy genre.

Golden Age features 3 warring faction, Knights Templar, Ibero Alliance and Rhine Commerce Guild. Unlike other MMORTS games, the factions in Golden Age aren't designed purely for PvP, instead they have a permanent effect on your game experience. The Knights Templar are a proud race of fighters, preferring to use the sword over diplomacy. Players that like to defeat enemies with pure numbers will want to align with the Knights Templar as their exclusive arena building allows them to train more troops than any other faction. The Ibero Alliance is aimed more towards diplomatic players as they gain access to the largest variation of research possibilities and can also provide the best defenses for a castle. The final faction, Rhine Commerce Guild, are the industrial specialists, focusing on constructing buildings and gathering resources. As well as the listed benefits, each faction also has access to their own unique troops, structures and hero units.

One of the most innovative aspects to Golden Age is Sanctum City. A first for the MMORTS genre, Sanctum City is a side-scrolling city that players can explore, finding various NPC merchants, quests and other activities such as unique instanced dungeons. Sanctum City also acts as the social hub for Golden Age, filled with hundreds of players looking to join guilds or gather information for a quest.

Most RTS fans will tell you they like the genre due to the combat, tactics and strategy involved in running your own kingdom. This is another aspect in RTS games that Golden Age brings up a level. You don't have a tiny choice of 3 different unit types like other MMORTS games, instead players are given access to a huge variety of units to forge their army, such as Infantry, Mages, Swordsmen, Archers, Cavalry, and even slaves armed with pitchforks.

Golden Age delivers all of the best features in the MMORTS genre, but takes them to new heights adding a massive variety of activities, making it one of the freshest MMORTS titles released in the last 5 years.

By Rachel Rosen

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