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God Wars is a fantasy free MMORPG developed and published by R2Games. Character development and city building are two of the main gameplay elements. They are also connected. God Wars has a traditional fantasy story and setting. The fictional game world is invaded by demons and players task is to stop the invasion. They will assemble a squad of heroes and train them to fight demons. This is where the city building feature comes in. God Wars players construct buildings that help them recruit and upgrade heroes. New characters are recruited from buildings called altars. Heroes of different races and classes are available. A hero comes with unique racial perks and various skills.

Two classes of heroes are available. Warriors are protected by heavy armor. This allows them to take on enemies in melee combat. Great swords are their weapon of choice. Mages equip light armor but this doesn't make them less dangerous on the battlefield. They keep a safe distance between them and their foes to make sure they have enough time to cast devastating spells. God Wars is a free MMORPG no download that gives players the chance to use different hero classes. Players will recruit multiple heroes and arrange them into battle formations depending on the encounter. Heroes are sent to fight demons in story driven quests, to clear dungeons in elite instances, to prove their worth in elemental trials and to fight against other teams in arena battles. God Wars has two types of instances: story and elite. The first ones are easier and require only six stamina points to enter. Players earn XP and upgrade items from story instances. Elite instances cost 12 stamina. Enemies are more powerful in elite instances but the rewards are better. World bosses are mighty monsters that roam the land. They will spawn from time to time and players have to take them down.

Bosses are also encountered in the Tower of Eternity. This is a PvE activity with 100 levels. Once every five levels, players will fight a boss. Trial Hall is the most challenging God Wars activity. Players who complete it have the chance to acquire special items. Just like other free no download MMORPG titles from R2Games, God Wars also has PvP content. Players meet and duel in the arena. Cities contain eight types of buildings. Four altar buildings are available. Temple, forge and stable buildings help players upgrade heroes. The main hall has headquarters function. Heroes equip gear to increase their stats. The forge unlocks the gear upgrade system. Characters have active and passive skills that can be enhanced as well. Mounts are another way of increasing hero's attributes. Diamond cards, level packs and treasure troves are additional ways of getting rewards. God Wars has charming fantasy graphics and pleasant soundtrack.

By Rachel Rosen

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