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  • Goblin Keeper: upgrades

    Goblin Keeper: upgrades
    Goblin Keeper is a 'Dungeon Keeper-like' game that involves building up a dungeon full of places for your minions of evil to live....
    Goblin Keeper: upgrades

    >Goblin Keeper: build

    >Goblin Keeper: build
    While enjoying a little 'In The Hall of the... Goblin King', evil overlords can add buildings to their dungeon. First you will nee...
    >Goblin Keeper: build

    >Goblin Keeper: crafting

    >Goblin Keeper: crafting
    On the right side of the screen, players can find other gameplay options. Craft items to add to various rooms or research upgrades...
    >Goblin Keeper: crafting

    >Goblin Keeper: quest

    >Goblin Keeper: quest
    Quests act as both tutorial as well as a staple for money and experience. Watch for new quests on the left side of your screen....
    >Goblin Keeper: quest

Goblin Keeper Gameplay First Look - HD

Goblin Keeper Gameplay First Look - HD

Become an overlord seeking world domination in Goblin Keeper, the free browser game developed by Night Owl Games. Players seek to gain power through building up their dungeons as a home base to create a vast army and to support their desire for power. You can design the dungeon of your dreams, filling it with your favorite traps, creatures, rooms, and furniture.

Every overlord needs a home base, and your home base is your dungeon. Every dungeon has a set number of tiles that you can use to create new rooms for your use. As you gain in level, you will gain additional tiles to allow you to expand your evil empire as well as have a higher dungeon population. The heart of your dungeon in Goblin Keeper is the Vault. Players will need to build additional rooms to provide them with new resources and capabilities. Dens are needed to house your minions. Farms grow food while taverns store the food. Libraries are need to research new technologies whilst workrooms are needed to produce furniture. Players can place various pieces of furniture within a room to provide a specific benefit. Placing a cask adds additional storage space. A desecrate gravesite lures a wraith to come join you ranks.

As is typical gameplay in most rts games, Goblin Keeper has you constantly upgrading your rooms and expanding. As most rooms upgrade, they'll require greater space but provide better benefits to the player. Creatures can be trained as well to a higher level. This results in better abilities but requires greater upkeep. Eventually, you'll outgrow your first dungeon and you'll expand to additional dungeons.

There is far more to do than just manage your dungeon in Goblin Keeper. You can forge alliances with other players and visit their dungeons or you can choose to attack them to ransack their lair and steal their resources. If you're feeling especially bold, you can attempt to conquer another player's dungeon completely and take it over. The ultimate power trip is to take over the Heart of the Mountain, allowing you to tax your allies who reside in that particular mountain. Taxation comes with some benefits as you provide your allies with upgrades provided by you.You can also go on raids against the hated elves on the surface, but repeated raiding can result in reprisal attacks. Of course, by then you would have placed traps in your dungeon in the hopes of capturing the pointy eared invaders.

Goblin Keeper is a free to play browser game with a quirky subject matter. You'll be able to exercise your inner overlord as you create your own unique dungeon, keep it maintained, and marshal an army of creatures to spread your rule.

By Jeff Francis


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