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  • Gladitus: items

    Gladitus: items
    Equip new items and use consumeable food....
    Gladitus: items

    Gladitus: stats

    Gladitus: stats
    Don't forget to allocate those stat points as you level up....
    Gladitus: stats

    Gladitus: store

    Gladitus: store
    You can buy new gear and sell off old items at merchant shops....
    Gladitus: store

    Gladitus: revenge

    Gladitus: revenge
    After leveling up and getting new gear, we are able to kill that lynx finally....
    Gladitus: revenge

Gladiatus is a free no download MMORPG based on the unique setting provided by the mythology and lore surrounding Ancient Rome. Gladiatus gives players the opportunity to control a fearless gladiator, fighting endless enemies and players in intense PvP to emerge victorious in a world filled with greed and poverty.

Unlike other browser-based titles that focus on city management or unit training, Gladiatus is all about action. Players can expect heart pounding battles every step of the way. There are 2 main methods of combat available in Gladiatus, PvE and PvP. The main attraction for the PvE combat is the unique opponents available. Players will encounter over 100 uniquely different enemies, from arena fights to dungeon crawls. Each enemy has a different variety of abilities and stats at their disposal, rewarding players that learn the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents with easy victories.

Although the PvE offers players some great combat scenarios, the PvP system in Gladiatus is where the really action-packed battles take place. Gladiatus features the iconic arena made famous by the fables told about Ancient Rome. Players enter the arena to challenge other players to duels to the death. The game features an in-depth ranking system that rewards victorious players by increasing their score. If you're able to defeat dozens of other players and emerge victorious from many of the different arenas, you will earn the title of one of the most vicious gladiators to ever grace Ancient Rome.

Character customization plays a large role in the PvP and PvE features within Gladiatus. Players are able to find, or purchase, over 1000 unique items that effect their characters stats and abilities. The huge amount of available items, varied opponents in both PvE and PvP and the vast amount of stats makes the customization system in Gladiatus one of the most diverse seen in a free to play browser MMO.

By Rachel Rosen

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