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  • Ghosts of Mistwood: Harvesting

    Ghosts of Mistwood: Harvesting
    Players can chop down trees for timber....
    Ghosts of Mistwood: Harvesting

    Ghosts of Mistwood: Mansion

    Ghosts of Mistwood: Mansion
    This is the main view of Mistwood mansion....
    Ghosts of Mistwood: Mansion

    Ghosts of Mistwood: Market

    Ghosts of Mistwood: Market
    Creatures can be bought from the market....
    Ghosts of Mistwood: Market

    Ghosts of Mistwood: Chapter

    Ghosts of Mistwood: Chapter
    First scenes in Chapter I....
    Ghosts of Mistwood: Chapter

Ghosts of Mistwood, developed by Playdom and published by Disney, is a Facebook browser MMO. The story begins with the disappearance of aunt Virginia. You need to go look for her in the family mansion. This would normally be an easy task but the estate has inhabitants that are not necessarily living souls. The kidnapper is none other than the Dark Spirit. The first clues are in New Orleans so that is your first destination. Mistwood estate is roaming with ghosts. In order to get them to help, player must earn their favor. Ghosts of Mistwood is a mystery and puzzle solving game. There are also other features like decorating the haunted house and having friends over.

There aren’t many Ghosts of Mistwood playable characters. Players get to choose a female or a male character. A friendly ghost hunter NPC accompanies players in their quest. The main quest is freeing aunt Virginia but, there are lots of mini quests that must be completed first. Each completed quest gives XP and coins (Ghosts of Mistwood in game currency). Most of the actions are about gathering mats or resources needed to build and upgrade. Another Ghosts of Mistwood feature is finding objects. There are 24 chapters and each one has a number of scenes. There are level requirements but all scenes can be unlocked using gold (Ghosts of Mistwood premium currency). Candle lights are needed to play scenes. This is a resource that regenerates over time. When completing scenes, medals are won. Some Ghosts of Mistwood quests are completed when players gets a certain number of medals for a specific scene. Each time you progress, a pop up window prompts you to share the news with your Facebook buddies. Ghosts of Mistwood is one of the browser games that heavily relies on social interaction. Friends can send each other all sorts of gifts.

Another Ghosts of Mistwood main feature is buildings and decorations. This feature makes Ghosts of Mistwood a bit similar to virtual farm games like Farmville. You can plant crops and raise various creatures like turkeys, owls, horses and many more. Each one has certain functionalities. Decorations can be placed. Every time players perform an action (build, gather, place decoration), XP is rewarded. The Mistwood estate is covered in fog. When Ghosts of Mistwood characters advance, they are able to clear a small part of the fog and progress with the main quest. The workplace is a special Ghosts of Mistwood building that allows players to turn raw mats into crafting resources. These resources are needed to improve and upgrade buildings. Ghosts of Mistwood free MMO is one of the most popular Facebook games.

By Rachel Rosen

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