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Ghost Fantasy is a no download MMORPG developed and published by AMZ Game. The fantasy story tells about a great war between brave heroes and invading demons. With great efforts, the dark forces were eventually defeated but the war and all the evil deeds done on the battlefield left their mark on soldiers and citizens. Many years after the war ended the land seems to have regained peace and prosperity but its inhabitants are still plagued by evil. Ghost Fantasy players need to investigate what's going on and be ready to fight the demons once again. Gameplay offers character development, quests, various activities and combat. Ghost Fantasy also has PvP content.

Players will first have to select one of the three available classes. Swordsmen are melee fighters who rely on their sword fighting skills. In battle, swordsmen are usually found on the front line defending their allies. Swordsmen have good defense and favor HP as one of the important attributes. Ghost Fantasy is a free MMORPG with gender locked classes. Swordsmen are represented in game by male avatars. Another class that has only male character models is the magician. This wizard specializes in long ranged fighting. Magicians fight using a large selection of spells. Each spell offers a unique way to deal damage. Players that pick the magician will want to increase the intelligence attribute. This stat boosts damage done with spells and the amount of mana. Magicians wear light cloth armor that offers little defense so they will need to stay at a safe distance from enemies. Ghost Fantasy archer class has female character models. The archer provides damage and support for the group. Nature magic allows archers to call companions that act as combat helpers. Support spells boost teammates skills. Agility and intelligence are the most important stats for an archer. The first stat increases the archer's skills and the second boosts support abilities. Ghost Fantasy players can choose to focus on one stat or build a balanced character.

Completing quests is one of the fastest ways to level up a character. Ghost Fantasy is a free MMORPG no download with automatic path finding which makes questing pretty easy. Other features and content are unlocked as players advance. Activities are accessed from the main interface. Ghost Fantasy players can fight bosses, engage in PvP, hunt for treasures and interact with others thanks to the chat and friends systems. PK (player killing) can be toggled on and off so players can quest or complete other activities without fear of being attacked. The trading feature allows players to sell and buy goods from each other and from NPCs. Ghost Fantasy offers premium features for those who wish to speed up character development.

By Rachel Rosen

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