General War enlists new server and improved Land Rush feature

By Michael Jamias
general war new server land rush

The free browser mmo company, Gamebox, responds to fan demands by releasing the new S6 Wilmington server and a revamped Land Rush function.

Gamebox released another General War server in response to the growing number of commanders trooping to the military strategy mmorpg. The new server, which went live on August 7, should speed up queuing as well as lighten the lag, allowing for more satsifyingly responsive campaign action.

Meanwhile, the Land Rush alliance war function underwent an optimization checkup in the past week and has now come out bigger and better. Land Rush fans should notice an smoother and less glitchy all-out alliance conflict.

Developers also took time to polish a few glaring issues. For one, chances to get purple and orange generals have been increased. Attribute growth of all generals, especially orange generals, have also been brought up to par with the rest. These general buffs should help balance the game.

Players also have a good reason to log in everyday, with the brand new consecutive check-in rewards system.

Every day after players log in, they can "check-in" or perform a few clicks on the rewards user interface to claim their prizes.

"The more consecutive days you check in for, the richer and better rewards you will get. After 10 days of consecutive check-ins, for each time you check in consecutively, you will always receive the 10th rewards. You will be granted extra rewards when your consecutive check-ins reaches 2, 5, 10, 18 or 27 in an organic month (in server time)," explained Gamebox.

This is a rewards system that has become quite ubiquitous among free mmorpg games simply because it is very effective in ensuring loyalty among fans. The challenge though for Gamebox is to keep the rewards line-up fresh and enticing as fans progress through the game.


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