General War: Memories Adds Competitive Land Rush

By Josh Wirtanen
General War: Memories Adds Land Rush

General War: Memories, the browser-based MMO strategy war game from Gamebox, has added a brand new competitive option for players called Land Rush.

An official press release gave this description: "The Unassigned Lands are four neutral cities: Pairs, Rome, Berlin and London. You, together with your alliance members, can take part in the land rush for four Neutral Cities every three days. Each alliance can send ten members at most to participate in each battle. Manual fighting, strategic skills and battle items are permitted. All players joining the Land Rush can receive gifts according to their HQ level at the end of each battle. Alliance which captures the city at the end of the battle will receive a big gift pack containing lots of gifts which will be distributed by the commander."

While a city is being occupied, allies will earn silver, experience, MR, and RP, though different cities offer these resources in differing amounts.

General War is free to play, and all that is required for you to jump into this World War II strategy game is a browser window.

Alliance War Map


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