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    Gardens of Time: Gifts
    Guildmates will send you gifts. Be sure to give them free gifts as well. This is not a single player game. You need to work as a t...
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    Gardens of Time: Send
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    Gardens of Time: News
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    Gardens of Time: Guild
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Gardens of Time is a unique browser MMO game that includes mechanics and features from the highly popular hidden object game genre (HOG). Explore dozens of highly detailed environments in search for a huge variety of items, Gardens of Time takes one of the most appealing genres and combines it with various MMO and MMORPG mechanics. Gardens of Time utilizes a unique Flash plugin that allows players to jump right in without the need to download a client and as the game is available on the Playdom gaming portal, it's free to play.

Gardens of Time provides players with a unique story-based approach to the HOG genre, allowing players to explore various areas through time, creating almost endless possibilities for exploration. Gardens of Time is home to a massive variety of scenes that players are able to visit, with over 40 unique areas currently available. Players can explore iconic places in history such as the mystical Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the historical Walls of Troy and the eerily scary Ancient Tombs of Egypt. Each area is filled with dozens of hidden items, most of which are hidden among hundreds of other objects. Players will need a keen eye and a basic knowledge of history to find the items out of place in each era. The best aspect to the 40 available scenes in Gardens of Time is that each game is totally different, you can visit the pyramids twice and each time the items will different and in different places, creating endless possibilities.

Gardens of Time is a highly sociable title offering hundreds of hours of play and plenty of rewards for playing with friends. You can invite your friends to the game and receive a number of exciting rewards. Other social features include a highly competitive leader-board and the ability to send your friends gifts and hints if they're stuck in a certain era.

There are only a handful of hidden object games that support online play, and thanks to the highly detailed images and social features within Gardens of Time, it is a top contender for one of the best HOG games available on the internet.

By Rachel Rosen

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