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  • Galaxy Life: defend

    Galaxy Life: defend
    Make sure to defend your buildings. You need turrets and other defenses to cover everything. Otherwise, attacks may find a weaknes...
    Galaxy Life: defend

    Galaxy Life: system

    Galaxy Life: system
    The system map shows nearby planets. You can spy or even attack other players planets....
    Galaxy Life: system

    Galaxy Life: revenge

    Galaxy Life: revenge
    Time to go on the offensive. Sweet, sweet revenge!...
    Galaxy Life: revenge

    Galaxy Life: taxes

    Galaxy Life: taxes
    You need income to build. Don't forget to levy taxes....
    Galaxy Life: taxes

Galaxy Life is a unique online game that combines a colorful interactive story with a variety of highly appealing MMORTS features. Galaxy Life is home to a highly detailed game world, consisting of a thorough storyline, a huge variety of other players and enough innovative features to appeal to any RTS player.

The combat in Galaxy Life is one of the most appealing features about the game and can be compared to the popular RTS title Edgeworld. After building a training camp in your base, you're able to train a huge variety of alien based units that you can then send into battle with NPC's and players. You'll want to make sure you build a variety of different units to be able to counter the different defense setups you may come across. The most unique aspect of the combat in Galaxy Life is the ability to place your units freely on the battlefield. When you attack an enemy unit, you can use your Warp Gate to teleport your alien troops to any location inside your enemies base, placing a heavy emphasis on strategical and tactical placement. This unique system gives players the opportunity of selecting units to take down defenses while others work on buildings and enemy troops.

Another great aspect to Galaxy Life is the intriguing storyline. Most MMORTS games provide players with 20 seconds of story at the beginning and then never mention it again but Galaxy Life features a constantly evolving storyline that surprises players every step of the way. Surprise attacks, enemy hostage negotiations and rogue agents are just a few of the great features involved in the Galaxy Life story, making it one of the most interesting MMORTS games around.

There are hundreds of free to play, browser-based MMO RTS games on the internet but the colorful storyline, intuitive combat system and huge variety of quests makes Galaxy Life one of the most entertaining games available in your browser. Players that are keen on the features and mechanics of Galaxy Life but prefer a more realistic setting should check out Edgeworld.

By Rachel Rosen

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