FreeFall Tournament growing its player base

By Rachel Rosen
freefall tournament growing its player base

FreeFall Tournament is a space marines themed third person shooter (TPS) browser game developed in Unity by independent game development studio: Free Range Games.  It is a game that has been nearly three years in the making and was silently released on Kongregate in April 2012.  It quickly rose to be the #1 ranked multiplayer game on that site and still maintains that position.

After updating the game over a dozen times incorporating community input each step of the way, Free Range Games is now expanding FreeFall Tournament to multiple platforms and starting a grass roots campaign to grow the player base.  The game is also hopefully listed on Steam Greenlight.  In December last year, a dedicated website was setup for the game at and Amazon payments were incorporated.  More recently Playerize SuperRewards payment and offer system was also integrated, so players have more options to help financially support the developers if they so desire.

All this effort by Free Range Games has not gone unnoticed, several game portals have reviewed the game and gave a very positive First Look, and we think it is awesome too.  Many more fan videos are popping up on YouTube all the time.  More and more people are talking about the game naturally, not with some big company marketing budget behind it, so you know that it is worth a try and that you might find it quite fun.  Even if there are some rough edges, the developers are very involved with the community, so just reach out to them and let them know your thoughts. These guys really listen.


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