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    Freefall Tournament: store
    Freefall Tournament is a free to play third person shooter game. Players can purchase microtransactions to speed up progression, t...
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    Freefall Tournament: combat

    Freefall Tournament: combat
    Combat is standard for shooters. WASD movement, left click to shoot, right click to aim. You can swap between weapons using 1 or 2...
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    Freefall Tournament: deathmatch
    There are several match types. The most popular in Freefall, like many shooters, is team deathmatch. Kill or be killed until the t...
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    Freefall Tournament: rewards

    Freefall Tournament: rewards
    As you play, you will earn experience and in game credits that can be used at the store to unlock new classes and items....
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FreeFall Tournament Gameplay

FreeFall Tournament Gameplay

FreeFall Tournament is a free to play browser MMO developed and published by Free Range Games. Adventures take place in a not so far away future in year 2027. A team of human astronauts found a mysterious object on the Moon. It took a while for scientists and researchers to find the purpose and meaning of this object. The newly discovered technology proved to be superior. A new age has begun but not everyone thinks that mankind will benefit from it. This is the sci fi setting for FreeFall Tournament. There are 2 FreeFall Tournament camera angles. Players can switch from first person perspective to third person view. Gameplay is based on fast PvP matches.

At the beginning of a FreeFall Tournament match, players are divided into 2 teams. FreeFall Tournament is a game that mainly rewards team play. Everyone in the team must work to complete the game mode objective. Individual performance is also ranked but, players receive best rewards when their team wins the match. At the moment, there are 8 available FreeFall Tournament classes. The plan is to expand the class selection to 12 choices. Each class has unique abilities, weapons and play style. The Scout is one of the fastest FreeFall Tournament classes. This class can use sub machine guns and light sabers. The Tank class has good defense and uses heavy machine guns and blitzkrieg mauler. In a team, class diversity is an important aspect. In order to accomplish class variety, FreeFall Tournament free MMO also has support classes. The Tech can heal team mates and uses turrets to damage enemies. The Gunner is a ranged FreeFall Tournament class. He prefers assault rifles and rail guns. The team that wins the match gets XP and in game money (called cash). Players get new ranks when they achieve certain XP thresholds. The first FreeFall Tournament rank is Recruit and the highest rank is General.

Players can choose one of the 3 available FreeFall Tournament maps. Each map has a different game mode. Training Arena map is team deathmatch. King of the hill mode is played on Shuttle Bay map. Base control scenario takes place on Moon Base map. Matches are fast paced and last about 15 minutes. Each map has certain gravitation free zones. In these areas aerial combat is possible. FreeFall Tournament is one of the browser games that run on Unity game engine. Players have the option to acquire premium items. Most of the premium items can also be bought with in game currency so FreeFall Tournament is not a pay to win game.

By Rachel Rosen


FreeFall Tournament growing its player base

FreeFall Tournament is a space marines themed third person shooter (TPS) browser game developed in Unity by independent game devel...
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