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  • Fragoria: creation

    Fragoria: creation
    Character creation is fast and easy. The hardest part is picking the perfect avatar....
    Fragoria: creation

    Fragoria: starting

    Fragoria: starting
    Now that I feel like I just walked out of Skyrim, maybe it is time to head to the Northern Planes....
    Fragoria: starting

    Fragoria: combat

    Fragoria: combat
    Combat is simple. Approach an enemy and double click to auto attack. Extra abilities can be accessed through your quick bar at the...
    Fragoria: combat

    Fragoria: skills

    Fragoria: skills
    As you level up, you will gain access to new spells and abilities to use in combat....
    Fragoria: skills

Fragoria, developed by Datcroft Corporation and published by Suba Games, is a fantasy free no download MMORPG. The player becomes a traveler and an adventurer through the world of Fragoria. This world is made up of several kingdoms: Kingdom of All Powers, Kingdom of Navy, Kingdom of Right and Kingdom of Zverobor. The sad news is that none of them is peaceful or prosperous. There is an evil corruption spreading all over Fragoria. It will take a brave hero to set things right again. This journey takes players through dungeons filled with vile creatures, lush forests, snowy mountains, peaceful villages and many more unique Fragoria zones. The world of Fragoria is huge. The graphics and landscapes are nicely polished. 

When starting their first Fragoria character, players can choose from several male or female models. The class choice is next. Fragoria class system is basically divided into melee warriors and ranged spell casters. All players start as Travellers. The class tree splits into Shaman and Strongman at level 9. Shaman is for mage like classes. Strongman is for those who prefer physical melee combat. As players level up, more role alternatives become available. Casters can become healers or damage dealers. Melee classes can also be tanks. Crafting is another way to customize Fragoria characters. There are no class locked professions. Players learn professions of their choice, gather the necessary mats and patterns and craft all sorts of items. They can also complete crafting quests. Like in all MMORPG games, combat is a most common Fragoria activity. Players fight all kinds of creatures in PvE challenges. After defeating them, they gain XP and loot. When playing in a party XP gain is better. Fragoria uses 3 types of currency. Gold is the most common. It is obtained as quest reward and it drops from mobs. Badges are rewarded for taking part in PvP events. Marbles drop from mobs in PvP areas.

Fragoria auction house is found in Fragotown near the bank. This is the place where players trade items. The auction house interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Fragoria is a free MMORPG no download with a complex pet system. Pets are player companions and they also engage in PvP or PvE combat. All pets come from cocoons won from completing Fragoria objectives or bought from auction house or shop. Players must make sure that their pets are always well fed and rested. Fragoria players can PvP after reaching level 15. There are several open PvP zones where those interested in fighting other players gather. Fragoria players can also fight in arena duels.

By Rachel Rosen

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