Forge of Empires flutters with Valentine's Day quests

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires valentines day 2014

Can you reunite Jack and Rose and send your cities into a state of romantic rejoicing?

Forge of Empires developers tap into one of the most iconic love pairings in cinematic history -- Jack and Rose of Titanic tragedy fame -- in the newly released Valentine's Day quests.

The 2014 Valentine’s Day quests will run throughout the Season of Hearts and end on February 16.

Players will need to help the troubled lovebirds Jack and Rose overcome several challenges and reach their happily ever after.

Succeed in reuniting Jack and Rose after all the adversity fate throws their, and you'll be rewarded with the Tree of Love boost in the browser mmo, according to developers. The Tree of Love provides a large happiness boost to your cities’ inhabitants.

Veterans who already secured their Tree of Love in the previous Valentine's Day quests should complete the new ones to get an bigger, better version of the Tree of Love reward. New mmo avatars will also be handed out during the holiday event.

The 2013 Valentine’s Day quests featured the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet instead and asked players to similarly lend assistance to make their forbidden romance rise above their families’ deadly feud.


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