Forge of Empires moves into Progressive Era

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires progressive era

Forge of Empires launches its ninth era, the zeppelin-filled and billboard-studded Progressive Era.

The new Forge of Empires era will also "drastically" change the vista of player towns, as well as add a completely new world map and campaign to the strategy browser mmo.

The Forge of Empires Progressive Era goes live July 24, or a week early, in France and Germany, with the content coming online in the rest of the global versions on July 30.

The Progressive Era extends the mmorpg timeline past the Industrial Age, setting up the precursor tar roads for the arrival of automobiles. Developer InnoGames said the new era also poses a tactical challenge for city builders who now have to start re-thinking their urban layouts to have more buildings connected in order to boost their functionality and productivity.

Combat-wise the new era paves the way for trenches, snipers and tanks as powerful new modern units that could easily decide the victor in battle.

The new era will also deliver 100 new individual quests and two new legendary buildings, along with the usual batch of bug fixes and improvements.

The Progressive Era is the next release after the Industrial Era and Colonial Age, which reveled in the technological advancements brought on by factories and trading, respectively. This time around, the focus will be on the rapid urbanization that will eventually pave the way for mass transportation and mega-cities.


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