Forge of Empires enters the Modern Era

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires modern era

Embrace the arrival of the Modern Era in Forge of Empires by erecting the towering Space Needle or mobilizing tanks against your rivals.

Watch the Modern Era video to see the smashing new content rolling out during the golden times of the 1950s:

The Modern Era -- defined by the feverish rise of Rock n' Roll and Hollywood -- follows the release of the Progressive Era.

In this glamorous and neon-lighted new era for the browser mmo, players can make their citizens happier by constructing Modern Era buildings like diners, amusement parks and producing movies. On the production side, players will have to work with a more challenging system that requires you to refine and combine rare goods from previous ages to produce the requisite materials for the Modern Era.

The strategic empire-building MMO also opens up a sprawling new campaign that takes place in the Far East across 11 provinces.

Players will have to tangle with several contentious factions in this Japanese-themed continent, and be ready to mobilize their new Modern Era units like paratroopers and tanks when push comes to shove. Battles will take place in the beaches and islands in keeping with the Far East theme.


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