Forge of Empires Invades Kindle Fire Devices

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires kindle fire

After landing on the iPad last summer, Forge of Empires is now securing its dominion over Kindle Fire devices.

The Forge of Empires Kindle Fire version release makes the mobile browser mmo available on 2nd generation Kindle Fire devices up to the upcoming 4th generation series.

Forge of Empires on Kindle Fire devices

Players can download the app on Amazon's Kindle App store and on the Amazon App Store for Android devices.

The Kindle Fire release comes a few months after Forge of Empires launched on the iPad back in June.

Similar to how the iPad version was optimized for touch control gaming and direct play support, Kindle Fire owners as well should be able to experience a similarly smooth gameplay on their devices.

With Forge of Empires increasing its footprint to include Kindle Fire mobile devices, the strategy mmo is looking to capture a bigger slice of the mobile gamer market. Already, Forge of Empires has grown tremendously as seen in the 100 million Euros in revenues it raked in since releasing in 2012.

Back in June, it was reported that there were more than 25 million registered players, undoubtedly with help from its strong expansion into mobile platforms, particularly iOS and Android, in the past couple of years.


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