InnoGames reveals holiday events in Forge of Empires and other titles

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires holiday event

InnoGames spends this Thanksgiving unveiling major holiday events for all four of its mmo games.

In Forge of Empires, the Frosty the snowman makes a grand return, bringing along festive daily quests. Players can complete the quests to earn rewards which can be turned in for mystery presents. Players won't know what's inside each present until they open them, with some unlocking completely new buildings, decorations and player avatars.

The same luck theme appears in the Grepolis holiday event. The goddess of luck, Tyche, has put up a calendar, a beautiful tree and a wheel of fortune. Players will need to interact with these objects to receive rewards and boosts, including increased recruitment speed and large cost deductions for city festivals.

For The West holiday event, which begins a little later on December 19, players will be treated to a special holiday shop. Fans of the browser mmo can choose from and purchase many unique and even entirely new costume sets.

Lastly, the Tribal Wars holiday event offers profitable trading with a slice of raiding danger. Players can approach mysterious traders that have set up shop and turn in their valuable goods for possibly lucrative deals. Be careful though while trading because these attract the attention of raiders who will out of nowhere attack and the merchants.


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