Forge of Empires teases Guild vs. Guild feature and Modern Era

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires guild vs guild modern era

Buckle up because Forge of Empires will soon introduce large-scale PvP and drive-in cinemas, among other iconic Modern Era buildings.

The Guild vs. Guild feature, which is already playable on the free no download mmoprg via its beta server, will open up massive conflicts as guilds attempt to establish their power turf on their server. Developer InnoGames said "massive numbers of players" will be allowed to fight for their guilds, and is set to forge stronger bonds among allies as they work towards a common goal. All fans are invited to test out the Guild vs. Guild feature and get it balanced before it goes live.

InnoGames is also currently working on the Modern Era covering the glitzy 1950s and revolutionary 1960s, introducing the likes of commercial flights, drive-in cinemas, neon lights and pink Cadillacs to the strategy empire-building MMORPG. Like previous era expansions, the Modern Era will deliver a brand-new single player campaign.

Also in the works is an upcoming winter event that developers said will let players pick up buildings from former events as well as entirely new ones, making it easier for new players to catch up to longtime fans, and casuals to enrich their infrastructure collection.


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