Forge of Empires Embarks On Guild Expeditions

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires guild expeditions

The jungle may be a scary place, but Forge of Empires guilds are braving the vast wilderness and embarking on grand expeditions for the sake of power and treasure.

As the latest co-op feature landing on the strategy mmorpg, the Forge of Empires Guild Expeditions will rally guild members to explore maps and fight unknown threats that lurk deep in the wilderness.

Game designers Thi and Kai from InnoGames explains exactly how Guild Expeditions work such as how there will quick map resets, allowing for a constant supply of things to do. We also get to see short footages of the actual expedition gameplay:

Guild members in the Iron Age or higher can participate in Guild Expeditions. Each player can do his share of exploration by solving an individual Expedition map and contributing Expedition Points.

With enough Expedition Points, a guild will unlock progressively higher Guild Power perks such as rewards and boosts.

For now browser mmo fans can only complete an encounter on the Expedition map by drawing their swords and subjugating enemies that oppose them. But in an upcoming update, players will have a second option to finish an encounter: Negotiate.

On top of the guild-wide perks, individual rewards will be handed out depending on how well each player cleared their maps.


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