Forge of Empires sets foot into the Colonial Age

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires colonial age

Venture into the Late Middle Ages like a conquistadores with Forge of Empires's newly added time period, the Colonial Age.

The Colonial Age brings with it a heavy bundle of content. Forge of Empires fans will get to relish 54 new story quests, in what the developer InnoGames promises to be “a fantastic story with a surprising twist.”

Players of the free browser game will find themselves fending off pirates, trading foreign goods, founding colonies – true to the spirit of the Colonial Age.

In human history, the Colonial Age was a defined by vast overseas exploration as intrepid sailors from Portugal, Spain, England, France and Holland set foot in foreign lands and established colonies for their respective empires.

“Technologies and achievements like exploration, industrial goods and maritime warfare are included in the update, as well as a bonus area for ambitious players,” said developer InnoGames.

The Colonial Age represents an exciting time for the strategy MMORPG – with plenty of new rewards, like goods, units, medals and diamonds ready for the reaping when players conquer challenging provinces.

The Colonial Age update is now live in the international version of the browser game, and will soon follow other markets, including Germany and France.


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