Forge of Empires hikes to the barbarian mountains in new bonus quest

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires bonus quest barbarians

Root out those barbarian rebels in the new Forge of Empires bonus quest added to the Early Middle Ages period.

Up in the forbidding mountain slopes, Bodgan the Beast has assembled a band of bloodthirsty troublemakers and has even managed to defeat the likes of General Celeas.

Forge of Empires players will need to muster courage and tactical agility to round out the Berserker unit and other lawless ruffians leading the rebellion charge.

A "significant reward" awaits MMO fans that finish the grueling quest series which begins with freeing the Dunkenwald region. From there, quest giver Hasdrubaal Barkasm then asks you to conquer 22 other provinces that have joined the uprising.

While the new bonus quest series is set in the Early Middle Ages period, users who have progressed to further ages can revisit the period to complete the content and earn the corresponding rewards.

The rebellion quest series forms the core of Forge of Empires update version 1.10. The update also lays the groundwork for the iPad version release slated "in the coming weeks." The iPhone version will then follow "shortly after," according to InnoGames.

Fans of Android browser games will have to wait till 2014 though before this city strategy title becomes available on Android devices.


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