Forge of Empires Bundles Up For Arctic Future

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires arctic future age

A winter era is coming to Forge of Empires, and an especially icy one at that.

The Forge of Empires Arctic Future has just been announced as the latest age to be added to the strategy builder browser mmo.

Aside from blanketing the game with cool new technologies and 14 buildings, the Arctic Age will also mobilize three additional troops.

Watch this Forge of Empires Arctic Future video with game designer Thi and Kai plowing through the main features fans can expect:

Once players reach the Arctic Future, they will gain access to The Harbor to Arctic, a new building that will serve as an expedition base.

Arctic Future is only the first of four content segments in the new era -- think of it as a base segment -- and the second content segment will then allow players to embark on expeditions. As the video indicates, the frozen unexplored continent is rich in promethium, a valuable new resource that will be a point of conflict between expedition nations.

"These new content segments will be spaced to provide players with constant unique gameplay," said MMO studio InnoGames, and fans can expect to fight on ice and trudge through snow-themed battle maps when the next content segments are released.


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