The mighty Alcatraz rises in Forge of Empires

By Michael Jamias
forge of empires alcatraz

Build this famed prison island in Forge of Empires, and see enemy assaults crumble in failure.

Similar to other great buildings in the strategy browser mmo, Alcatraz gives its owner a unique game advantage: The city in which Alcatraz is built will receive a specific amount of troops randomly from one existing military building. This makes an Alcatraz-fortified city extra resilient against attackers, and invaluable for strategic invasions.

Forge of Empires introduces the Alcatraz legendary building as part of the newly activated 1.09 update. It is the second legendary building to come online for the Progressive Era, the first being Chateau Frontenac released back in July.

Both Alcatraz and Chateau Frontenac were fan favorites voted into the MMORPG by the playerbase.

But both legendary buildings won't be so easy to construct. For Alcatraz in particular, players will need to collect all nine blueprints to erect this iconic prison-turned-tourist landmark in the San Francisco Bay.

The rest of the Forge of Empires 1.09 update consists of minor fixes and improvements, including the addition of a tooltip for buildings while browsing in the inventory screen.


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