Forge of Empires News

forge of empires arctic future age
A winter era is coming to Forge of Empires, and an especially icy one at that. The Forge of Empires Arctic Future has just been announced as the latest age to be added to the strategy builder browser mmo. Aside from blanketing the game with cool new technologies and 14 buildings, the Arctic Age will also mobilize three additional troops. Watch this Forge of Empires Arctic Future video with game designer Thi and Kai plowing through the main fea...
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May 25 2016
forge of empires guild expeditions
The jungle may be a scary place, but Forge of Empires guilds are braving the vast wilderness and embarking on grand expeditions for the sake of power and treasure. As the latest co-op feature landing on the strategy mmorpg, the Forge of Empires Guild Expeditions will rally guild members to explore maps and fight unknown threats that lurk deep in the wilderness. Game designers Thi and Kai from InnoGames explains exactly how Guild Expeditions wor...
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May 12 2016
Forge of Empires review
The lure of ruling one's own kingdom is a powerful one indeed. While we're condemned to be the office minion in the real world, we can conquer other lands and create a mighty empire in the online realm. The Forge of Empires browser mmo has been extremely popular for quite some time, and I thought it would be interesting to test my mettle and see how I would fare as a wise and benevolent (others may substitute bloodthirsty and cruel instead!) rule...
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May 05 2016
forge of empires north america tv ad
Forge of Empires fans in North America will want tune in to the boob tube this week to witness the new ads for their strategy mmo game. A new Forge of Empires North America TV ad will be airing on more than 25 networks, including ESPN, Comedy Central, Spike, FX, AMC, MTV and CBS Sports. German browser mmo maker InnoGames announced that the new 30-second spot is part of a big promotions campaign for Forge of Empires. Here's the Forge of Empires...
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Feb 03 2016
forge of empires kindle fire
After landing on the iPad last summer, Forge of Empires is now securing its dominion over Kindle Fire devices. The Forge of Empires Kindle Fire version release makes the mobile browser mmo available on 2nd generation Kindle Fire devices up to the upcoming 4th generation series.Players can download the app on Amazon's Kindle App store and on the Amazon App Store for Android devices. The Kindle Fire release comes a few months after Forge of E...
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Oct 21 2015
forge of empires 100 million euros revenue
Amid sad news of mmo games shutting down, Forge of Empires stands strong with a proclamation that it has earned 100 million Euros in lifetime revenues. The Forge of Empires 100 Million Euro revenues milestone was revealed by developer InnoGames and notes the impressive financial success the title has generated for the company. Initial development costs for Forge of Empires, which was released back in 2012, were at a "comparably low" 1 million E...
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Jun 12 2015
forge of empires global tv ad
InnoGames is looking to make two of its most popular browser games, Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars 2, into global household names. The German gaming company plans to do so by pushing out a global TV campaign for both titles. Using 3D CGI assets and real actors, the brand new TV spots will be aired 25,000 times across 100 TV stations worldwide this month. The campaign begins in the United States with the ads popping up in popular TV stations s...
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Apr 02 2015
forge of empires contemporary era
The Contemporary Era has dawned on Forge of Empires and it ushers in a range of lively, electrically lighted buildings with a modern Asian theme. Players of the strategy mmo can also start erecting military buildings which provide an array of defensive and offensive boosts. Other major additions include a desert-themed continent map, as well as new units and province leaders. You can see a glimpse of how these features were implemente...
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Oct 21 2014


Obama Hassan Rouhani Handshake
In a cluster of farming villages in northern Iraq, American warplanes were seen fighting alongside Shiite militias backed by Iran against militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Obama’s administration first said there was no direct communication with the militias whatsoever, even though they were both working in breaking the siege of Amerli.However the hidden truth is, Obama and Hassan Rouhani, current president of Iran, started b...
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Sep 02 2014
forge of empires ipad launch
Tired of playing Forge of Empires just on your desktop? Go and download the Forge of Empires iPad version out now on the App store so you can manage your city on the go. This Forge of Empires iPad trailer lays out the full breadth of conveniences that come with playing the strategy browser mmo on your tablet:To make the long wait worth it, mmo studio InnoGames packed the Forge of Empires for iPad with optimized touch controls, visuals and di...
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Jun 05 2014