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  • Forge of Empires: plots

    Forge of Empires: plots
    Buildings each have their own size. Place them on empty plots of the right size as you construct new buildings....
    Forge of Empires: plots

    Forge of Empires: quests

    Forge of Empires: quests
    Quests will guide your first few hours of gameplay. And the extra rewards help you get your empire started....
    Forge of Empires: quests

    Forge of Empires: tech

    Forge of Empires: tech
    Remember to research new technologies. You can only advance just so far with basic huts and hunting tools....
    Forge of Empires: tech

    Forge of Empires: army

    Forge of Empires: army
    Army management allows you to decide which units to deploy in battle....
    Forge of Empires: army

Forge of Empires is one of most popular free browser games from InnoGames and it delivers an immersive strategy gameplay where you build a city and see it flourish from the prehistoric ages up to the modern era. Nominated in the Best Browser game category at the European Games Awards 2012, Forge of Empires has gripped the world over with its engrossing city management gameplay. You will have to learn how to be an empire ruler, a city manager and a field commander to succeed against rival empires. You will spend hours building impressive structures and planning the growth of your city kingdom, while protecting it from external invasions. Attentive micromanagement and having an aggressive tactical mindset will help you get ahead in Forge of Empires.

When you play its sprawling single-player campaign, Forge of Empires starts you off in the early Stone Age where your city is but a fledgling encampment. Through research and technology innovation learned over the centuries, your city and people will become more sophisticated and advance to the next great era. Fans of the iconic strategy game Civilization will find the concept of Forge of Empires easier to grasp. You simply need to outbuild and outmaneuver your rivals to emerge as the greatest empire in the land. To do this, players must accumulate resources such as gold and supplies that will serve as the building blocks of your city economy. Then comes the harder part – planning how to spend those resources. Striving for balance is a great strategy for beginners who would want to develop a well-rounded city. You will want to erect residential buildings that boost your population, invest in supply buildings that further increase the resources you harvest, and keep your people happy with a smattering of cultural buildings. Soon, your city will start growing in size and prominence, and an impressive testament to your empire-building prowess.

Alongside the city building elements in Forge of Empires, players are can also engage in exciting combat. Start producing a standing army filled with military units, from cheap light infantry to massive siege machines. There is even a PvP mode available where you can challenge friends and random adversaries into a skirmish to prove your tactical superiority. Your unit mix and battlefield actions will decide the winner, so analyze the terrain on which you are fighting and look for other weaknesses that will help you clinch that decisive victory in Forge of Empires.

By Rachel Rosen


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