Fishao launches as Pokemon-like social fishing game

By Michael Jamias
fishao launches

Whip out those fishing poles and join the real-time multiplayer angling fun in Fishao.

Fishao -- or short for Fish Always Online -- is the newly launched Facebook and browser mmo from Dutch developer Gamovation.

Fishao follows the catch 'em all credo of Pokemon, urging fans to camp different fishing areas to catch assorted species listed on the Fishdex.

Like most mmo games, Fishao also offers plenty of side distractions from completing daily objectives and competing in angling tournaments to participating in mini games.

GamoVation said Fishao is geared mostly towards social gamers, which explains why it will have less focus on the rpg elements such as questing and character progression in favor of social elements such as chatting, online tournaments and group games.

Initial previews have compared Fishao to console games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon. "The urge to fish and collect in the Pokémon series combined with the nonchalant carefree life in Animal Crossing corresponds to FISHAO's aims," explained GamoVation of the similarities.

Fishao will use a day and night system that corresponds with the real clock time of each player. The system will affect the visual environment of the game -- for example, the screen may start to darken when the sun begins to set in the player's time zone -- and also alters the kind of fish that can be caught in each area.

Calendar dates and seasons are also important to Fishao's gameplay. Certain fish only appear in certain months, while specific seasons will unlock special player actions.

"In the autumn you will be able to sell the caught fish on the fish market and the player can furnish his own house to his own taste by shopping at the local Deco Shop," said GamoVation of a feature soon to be added after the Fishao launch.


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